Miracles do happen and sometimes when they do present themselves, they’re not always immediately recognized and known. Some miracles are subtle. Some come when a situation is so negative that for a long time, the miracle remains overshadowed. But at some point, people will realize the good that came from it.

A good example would be the arrest of a loved one. They committed some kind of crime so family members and friends are running through all kinds of emotions: anger, disappointment, relief, etc. Loved ones are arguing and they’re holding onto a high level of stress and tension. But then the loved one bails out of jail using a bail bond. With that step out of the way, the next things to focus on are trial and getting a lawyer. Family members are beginning to work together to make this as smooth of a process as possible.

Did you miss the miracle reference in this example? It was such a quick, minor thing that produced a huge result. It was the bail bond. This was the turning point. This bail bond physically brought the subject back home. This bail bond brought the opportunity for loved ones to work together to achieve the best result possible, despite the situation.

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